Countdown to #JSEP16

In just a few days a team of 5 American students, 5 Danish students, and 10 Greenlandic students will meet in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland to begin the 2016 Joint Science Education Project (JSEP). Under the leadership of teachers and scientists from all three countries, they will participate in 3 weeks of hands-on interdisciplinary polar science, including one week on top of the Greenland Ice Sheet.

Follow us on twitter @JSEP_GL and please feel free to tweet to us your questions about polar science and life as a researcher in the Arctic.

JSEP Logo cropped

JSEP is a partnership between the Government of Greenland and the U.S. National Science Foundation. The Institute of Arctic Studies at Dartmouth leads the U.S. contributions through a grant from the National Science Foundation.


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